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Utilization of Information Sources and Services through Internet among the User Community in an International School, Chennai, (TN), India: a Survey

The present study of utilization of information resource and services by library user community
conducted at Lalaji Memorial Omega International School in Chennai, India. This paper
investigates the understanding on library sources and services through internet by the members
of students. The study covers the students of classes of 9th, 10th and 12th standards and was
limited to school campus of Chennai only. A total of 250 questionnaires distributed but 174 were
returned duly filled in as a sample. A structured questionnaire was designed for collecting data
from the chosen sample group. The maximum 77.02 % of respondents were browsing the Internet
for educational needs, while 10.92 per cent browse for entertainment and e- mail only. Majority
83.33 % of the respondents are aware of ‘what a search engine is’, while 16.67 % do not know
what it means. The maximum 58.62 % of the respondents using ‘Google’ search engine and
followed by 32.19 percent of respondents using ‘yahoo’ search engine. Majority of 54.59 %
respondents are using Internet for clearing their doubts on textbooks and lessons and also it is
noteworthy mention that 6.89 per cent of the respondents have given no opinion. It was noted
that 43.67 % of the respondents are aware of firewall protection while 56.33 per cent do not
know. Also, the results indicated that the web based information resources and its services can
be inferred that the coming day generations are eager to learn everything. The data obtained
were analyzed using Simple Percentile analysis to generate tables and to arrive at conclusion.

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