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Utilizing Blogs within Library and Information Science Curriculum: A Case Study of the Department of Information Studies, Oman

Various online tools including social media tools have helped academics in improving their teaching in an interdisciplinary environment increasing engagement of students as active learners. The actual use and impact of these tools such as blogs within LIS curriculum is not yet fully understood. The aims of this paper are to explore the actual use of blogs in the classroom; and student attitudes and their perceptions of learning using blogs in the classroom. A semi-structured interview was the method of research that used to gather qualitative information in this study. This involved one academic and a group of students. Data collection methods in the case also included review/analysis of secondary data. Main findings showed that most students and the instructor reported positively on their experiences regarding the use of blogs within higher education. They reported that blogging leads to improved communication and collaboration activities. The study also found that most students reported that blogs gave them the ability to understand the course content by searching for the information from various sources and then organizing it in the blogs. Review/analysis of secondary data also found that students were more likely to learn about blogs, not within blogs. Male students were less likely to have an intention to use blogs in the future compared with females. The main barrier that faced students using blogs was the quality of the internet services, such as a slow internet connection.

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