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     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

Value Added Services in Library Management System: Marching Towards an Era of Open Source Software

Modern libraries have been providing value added services and catering to diverse technologically savvy patron base. Libraries are acclimatizing to digital technology by adopting Library Management Systems (LMS) that work with most of the existing facilities or minimal additional financial investments. Professionals are well aware of Open Source Software (OSS) and their applications in LMS for more than two decades. Effective OSS solutions for LMS demands professionals form Library to collaborate with computer experts and develop technologically viable OSS solutions to meet requirements of the library patrons. This paper attempts to discuss the challenges experienced by Central Library of KLE Dr M S Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology, Belagavi (KLE Dr MSSCET) and implementation of the value added services by using the Open Source Software (OSS). An attempt is made to project the advantages of using OSS and also shares the experience of transition at host institute with minimal effort and least expenditure.

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