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An analysis of Research output of Library and Information Science (LIS) Subject in terms of Doctoral Degrees awarded (Ph.D) in India during 2007 – 2011: Special Reference to Northeastern Region

This article traces the growth and development of Ph.D. programmes in LIS education in India and highlights the initiative and efforts of contemporary LIS professionals in western part of India. Analysis of doctoral researches conducted by universities clearly indicates that the direction in which, a specific subject field is moving. It also indicates the thrust or grey areas of research that call for attention from researchers. The present analysis depicts the research contribution to the Library and Information Science repository. The study shows that the maximum research was done in the area of Information Sources and Services i.e.10 (47.61%). And the state of Meghalaya is the highest contributor i.e., 8 (38.09%) to the field of LIS in terms of doctoral research productivity.

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