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Application of SNS in Library Services: A Case Study of Tamil Nadu Region Libraries

In today’s internet age, social networking sites are playing an important role in disseminating the information across the age, in-fact it has given the new dimension in communication technology. Social networking sites facilitate in transforming the information with multimedia content, which exciting the users. Being the information and resource centre, the library has to tie with their customers to utilize the library systems and services effectively, for which social networking sites are supporting a large. Many public libraries are doing short message service (SMS) for book alert, reference and other current awareness services. One of the biggest public libraries in the state capital has vibrant library portal through which they are providing various online services. Also, most of the libraries are having online resources in its collections, and hence connecting with their customers is order of the day. This study was conducted to investigate the usage of social networking sites among the library professionals in Tamil Nadu region.

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