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Appraisal of integrated library management software in selected Nigerian university libraries

The study examined integrated library management software in selected Nigerian University libraries. Survey method through the use of questionnaire was used to gather data from the respondents who were made up of professional librarians of the selected University libraries studied. The study found out that: there was poor communication between the library management and software programmers/marketers. Most of the library management software in use were acquired through vendors and very few ones were acquired in-house. The result also indicated that those University libraries which acquired software through vendors maintained the software through maintenance agreement. There was high percentage of computer illiteracy among librarians as well as lack of commitment by parent institutions. The issue of lack of planning, retraining of manpower, inadequate feasibility study by individual University libraries on cost implication and maintenance before embarking on Automation projects were also identified. Based on the findings, it was concluded that majority of the University libraries do not properly plan for library automation and effective staff training on maintenance strategy among others.

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