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Aravind Eye Hospital Ophthalmology Practitioners Skills to use of Internet and MS Office: A Study

Present study aim is to find out the skill to use of Micro Soft Office and Internet among Ophthalmologist with special reference to Aravind Eye Hospitals in Tamilnadu. Survey method is applied and questionnaire as a tool. Researchers personally contact the respondents and explained the objectives of this study and handed over the pretested questionnaire. Questionnaire was distributed to all 120 ophthalmologists and the fully filled return response rate was 98(74%).  Hypotheses are framed to test the data. Simple percentage and Chi-square test are used for data analyses.  This study has found that the ophthalmologists need ICT training. Formal computer usage training and online access training programs will be organized with the assistance of Library and Information science professionals for the better utilization.

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