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Availability and management of scholarly output (e-theses) across agricultural libraries of northern India

The basic aim of this study was to assess the availability of e-theses across libraries of north Indian agricultural libraries and also to explore what measures these libraries have taken for ensuring sustainable management (preservation, storage, retrieval and delivery) of their scholarly output. A survey was made during 2015 while using questionnaire as a data collection tool. The investigator also interacted with the librarians through telephone and e-mail correspondence. Websites of select universities were also surveyed to cross check the availability and operability of ETDs and IRs. None of the agricultural libraries of northern India are seen to subscribe to any e-theses collection of International coverage (foreign) and all seem to rely on ‘KrishiKosh’, the free of cost Indian Agricultural Doctoral Dissertations Repository. It has been found that only SKUAST-K and CSKHPKV have taken an initiative to ensure sustainable management of their scholarly output by developing their institutional repositories. However, most of them think that KrishiKosh is a substitute to an institutional repository. Only seven agricultural libraries of northern India have been taken as a sample, the census could have been a better choice. Moreover, the work is confined to domain of agriculture only; similar studies need to be conducted in other parts of India and also across libraries of other domains of knowledge. This is first work of its nature in northern India with domain as agricultural libraries. The findings will act as a stimulant for the librarians and the planners of the country towards reformulation of their policies for prioritizing the development of e-theses collections and lay more emphasis on sustainable management of scholarly output at local and national level.

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