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Awareness and Utilization of Library Services among Users of Select Women’s College Libraries in Aligarh: a Comparative Study

The purpose of the study is to find out the awareness and utilization of library services by the users of Women’s College and Tika Ram Kanya Mahavidyalaya library, Aligarh. Data for the study was collected via a well-structured questionnaire that was administered to 200 users of select libraries. Out of 200, a total of 175 questionnaires were completed and returned back by respondents, showing an overall response rate of 87.5 percent. The study reveals that highest percentage of users from WC (64.44%) and TRKM (63.53%) respectively prefer to visit library for borrowing books and all the respondents in TRKM (100%) and majority of library users in WC (97.78%) are aware about circulation service. However, 94.12% respondents from TRKM followed by WC (88.89%) prefer circulation service. A moderate percentage of respondents in WC (45.56%) face difficulties in obtaining the required information due to library rules, while in TRKM most of the users (41.18%) face difficulties due to inadequate library resources. The study shows that more than half of library users of both the colleges are satisfied with library’s physical facilities i.e. library location, opening hours, library environment, space for study, furniture and collection of books and highest percentage of respondents from TRKM (62.35%) and WC (51.11%) are satisfied with the overall functioning of library. The study concludes with some suggestions for further development of the library resources, facilities and services.

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