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Current Awearness Services: A Case Study of University Libraries, Odisha

The university libraries provide information towards learning and Research purpose. The university libraries have to cater their services towards the user community by facilitating information pin-pointedly, exhaustively and expeditiously to complete the research projects. Their needs also reorganize and revive the library services and particularly to support and facilitate library services to the research scholars in the new electronic era. This survey was conducted to seek users’ input concerning the awareness and use of current awareness (CA) services in the major universities of Odisha. A total of 93 questionnaires were distributed randomly among the science research scholar of Berhmpu University, Utkal University, and Sambalpur University. Out of total no of 69 regular scholars, 66(96%) responded to the questionnaire. Regarding the response of Part- time scholars there are 24 Part time scholars 22(92%) responded.The findings of the study reveal that the CA services are popular among the research scholar. A number of suggestions were also made regarding how to improve the existing CA services and to develop new ones.

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