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     A Quarterly Open Access Journal

Information Generation in Social Science Research through SSRN: A Comparative Analysis

The present study intends to analyze the efficiency of Social Science Research Network in respect to other contemporary open-access repositories, the features which brings uniqueness in Social Science Research Network, its indicators for ranking the scholarly researches which can be impactful on the scholarly world. Here in this study, ranking the impact of articles published in SSRN is done on the basis of highest download rate of the article in a year. The study also ponders over the effect of SSRN on scholarly publication of India; particularly its effect on Indian authors and also discusses some possible reasons for the shortcoming of scholarly publications in SSRN. It is also seen that the percentage of articles published by Indian authors who registered under international institutions is much higher in compare to that of Indian authors registered under any Indian Institutions. As open-access repositories are gaining a steady access towards Indian scholarly market, the researchers of not only social science discipline but also of pure science field whose purpose is to publish their research work which can be openly accessible to a large number of readers can go for SSRN.

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