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Issues of Copyright Infringement with Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETDs): A Critical Analysis

Knowledge sharing is always good and noble; our rich Indian Tradition corroborates this fact too. Today, the best way of sharing this knowledge is making it freely accessible online.  Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETDs) is one way of sharing the knowledge amongst the Indian academia. It is a kind of an electronic version of thesis or dissertation converted from the printed one. It may include audio-visual effects and the old or new documents as well. But the Introduction of the ETDs has arose the issues of protection copyright and infringement of the same, which may eventually lead to plagiarism and ultimately fail the true very purpose of ETDs for which it was introduced i.e., to improve the quality of research in India. This paper discusses the issues relating to the copyright infringement of ETDs and consequences of the same. It also proposes the plausible solution to curb down the plagiarism activities relating to the content of ETDs. It also attempts to highlight the various provisions of Indian Copyright law which protects the ETDs from Copyright Infringement and the regulatory framework evolved by the National Agencies like UGC etc.

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