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Mapping of Mathematical Science Research in China Productivity: A Scientometrics Study

This paper presents the relative growth rate and exponential growth rate of Mathematical Science research during the year 1999-2014. The web of science is one of the world’s leading citation databases in all the fields of Science Citation Expanded, Social Science Citation Expanded and Arts and Humanities Citation Expanded collection. This study measures the performance based on several parameters of Ranking wise of the countries, relative growth rate, Doubling time of the productivity and Exponential growth rate and lastly highly cited papers etc. The study also examines the china research productivity by converting into the software called Histcite software to known the Total Local Citation Score, Total Global Citation score and Cited reference value. It is also found that the citing articles, Citation per page and h-index values of that particular year during the 15years data reports in the web of science database.

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