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Need for User Centric Services in Law Libraries: A study with reference to School of Indian Legal Thought, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala

The law Libraries play a vital role in the higher education process to promote the legal studies and research. The need for legal education has been realized to enrich the national and international legal perspectives and rebuilding legal status of the country. The University Libraries and Law Libraries in the country engaged in the process of developing the legal education concept by using the resource and provide the services to the scholars and students in the right way by best access of the information resources. The user based services, User centric services, other information services, web based information services etc are analyzed to generate, process and disseminate the information effectively. The sharing of resources and other service points with the University libraries will enrich the use of resources. This paper attempts to describe the various services of the law libraries and new areas of services to be undertaken in the law libraries are emphasized.

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