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New Approach to Information Dissemination Methods to Female Crop Farmers in Lagos State

Information is required in every production activity which includes farming. However, in all the means of information gathering and usage, female farmers are generally at disadvantaged due to their status at home and on the farm. The study therefore aimed at discovering through literature and primary data analysis, new approach to information dissemination to female farmers. Cluster random sampling was used and the data were descriptively analyzed. All the respondents are of legal capacity to use technology based information means as the women that falls within the range of 40 years -50 years represent 59%. 23% represents women within the age range of 20 to 39 years while the older women had the least percentage which is 18% representing 9 respondents. The study shows that the female farmers need information on how to do better and gain more in terms of output and profit respectively, but they are not aware of where to get these information. It was discovered that new methods of disseminating information involving internet and telephone technologies commonly found in other parts of the world are not known and used in Lagos. There is need to promote the establishment and running of information centers through existing libraries with special focus on female farmers to boost their production and marketing activities.

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