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Publication Productivity and Impact of Research in University Environment: A Scientometric View

This research paper highlights the current state of scientific research in Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) for the period 1989-2014. The study gives an analysis of the volume, productivity and scientific impact of Gulbarga University research as per the records entered in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science publications and citation database (WoS) during the period 1989-2014. There were 1119 articles published in 338 leading national and international primary resources during the study period. During 1989-2014 the Gulbarga University has received a total of 8500 citations. The average number of publication published per year was 43.04 and the average number of citations per year was 326.92. The average number of citations per publication was 7.60 Authorship pattern revealed that about 97.95 % of publications were multi-authored and only 2.05 % single authored. It is indicative of the trend towards multi-authored publications. The authors with most prolific publications were V H Mulimani who topped the list with 76 publications and 608 citations followed by M S Malashetty with 61 publications and 666 citations, BHM Mruthyunjayaswamy with 54 publications and 186 citations, A Venkataraman with 50 publications and 625 citations, and Timmanagouda B. Karegoudar with 41 publications and 425 citations. Core journals preferred for publishing with high number of publications were: Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry with 63 publications and 195 citations followed by Journal of the Indian Chemical Society with 30 publications and 145 citations, Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B-organic chemistry including medicinal chemistry with 29 publications and 221 citations, Asian Journal of Chemistry with 28 publications and 33 citations, Journal of Environmental Biology with 28 publications and 62 citations.

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