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Research on Consortium and Library Network in India: A Study of Library and Information Science Doctoral Dissertations

A study of doctoral dissertations in Library and Information Science (LIS) field can provide valuable information about performance, structure and evolution of the field. Similarly, a study of doctoral dissertations on any segment of the LIS research such as consortium and library Networks highlights its growth and development over the period. We undertook an analysis of bibliographic information related consortium and library networks for the past 2½ decades awarded by various Indian Universities. We identified 65 doctoral dissertations on the topic and classified them into various categories looking carefully at the titles of the dissertations. We have also examined the distribution of dissertations across universities, research supervisors and key themes of the research. During this process, we found that the topic Consortium and Library Networking (CLN) is one of the subjects of growing interest in LIS research in India. The results are presented here with a goal of broadening the perspectives of LIS researchers and academic community. We wish that this paper facilitates productive and fruitful discussions on the topic, which fuels the enhanced research in the field.

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