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Role of Membership in Scientific and Specialized Groups of Virtual Social Networks in Increasing Knowledge, Professional Skills and E-Learning: A Case Study

Instant messages applications are a type of media social networks, which provides private communications between individuals. One of instant messaging between people in the world today, especially Iranians, is telegram App. The served experts have launched virtual changes and groups for the beneficial use of this tool Academic and professional groups and virtual channels, which have been launched with the aim of sharing knowledge and useful. this study was conducted evaluate the impact of these networks on the ability of professionals to join a virtual expert groups in 2015. The population in this survey included all members of expert groups Virtual Library and Information Science in telegram program. Cochrane statistical formula was used to calculate sample size and a total of 185 individuals were selected randomly. The survey instrument was a questionnaire consisted of 21 items that their validity was confirmed by several experts of information and its reliability were obtained for each of the aspects using statistical tests. The data shows that membership in professional and scientific groups in Telegram App, had highest impact Virtual learning 6/54, then it was 54.2 for increase of knowledge and 37.3 for increase of professional skills. The results showed that membership in scientific expertise virtual groups in telegram and exchange of information with this type of groups increase the ability of people.

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