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Social Science Faculty Information Seeking Pattern by using the Internet sources and services at Mumbai University: a study

This is an attempt made to understand the information seeking pattern among the social science faculty in Mumbai University. A questionnaire designed and circulated personally and also posted to collect the required data for this research, 52 (84%) of social science faculty have responded by filling these questionnaires. Data analysis reveals that 51 (98%) respondents have the Computer operating skills, in which 43 (83%) have learnt computer operating skills by own/self method. Location of their internet usage is 100% at their home and 98% at their respective University Departments. Frequency of Internet usage is daily 47 (90%) and 38 (73%)
are started using the internet since more than 5 years. Purpose of using internet was mainly for their academic purpose 51 (98%) followed by e-mail communication 50 (96%). All the respondents are using search engine 52 (100%) to search the information, Google is the most used search engine 51 (98%) followed by Yahoo 31 (60%). The primary difficulties while accessing the Internet are; slow internet speed 31 (60%), Access permission issues 22 (42%) then followed by difficulty in finding relevant information in internet 17 (33%). Among the Internet sources and services usage, email 49 (94%), e-journals 47 (90%), e-books 45 (87%).
Accessible to Campus Wide Network is 52 (100%) at their Departments and only 18 (35%) at their respective homes. Preference to the information sources is highest for Both the Print and Online resources 49(94%). Attending Conference/Workshops 52 (100%) and browsing Internet 52 (100%) were the preferred sources for seeking their information. Approximate time spent in a week in accessing the internet to gather the information was 22 (42%) more than 15 hrs.

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