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UGC-Infonet E-Journals Consortium: Resources and Services in Two Universities of Marathwada Region

This research paper deals with resources and services of UGC-Infonet consortium, which is used by two university libraries in Marathwada region of Maharashtra, India. Library consortium add a vital role for co-ordination, resource sharing and expertise allowing individual libraries to easily obtain large number of titles while also providing advantageous cost depending from the contribution […]

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Evaluating the Awareness and Usage of Ugc-Infonet Digital Library Consortium by the Faculty Members: A Case Study of Odisha State Universities

UGC-Infonet consortium is one of the land mark achievement in the field of higher education in India. It is only the possible solution to the ever growing demand for information and ever decreasing the budget to the universities. UGC-Infonet is the E-journal consortium; the users can access the scientific and research articles on 7×24 hour […]

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