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A Study of Difficulties Faced During Information Search Pattern for E-Resources among Students of Management

In recent times, the Libraries are transforming from just storehouses of collection of documents to vibrant service centers containing E-resources; rapidly moving towards digital libraries, e-libraries and virtual libraries. Information available in digital form demands latest methods for its handling for both the library professionals as well as users. Hence, there is a steady need […]

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Theoretical approaches in Information Science research on asynchronous computer mediated communication

Computer mediated communication, as the hub for information dissemination, has evolved from information dissemination to a global network of information exchange and meaning construction. This is the largest public sphere being examined across different disciplines using different theories of which information science is not an exception. As the way social network is progressively tying people […]

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Response of Library and Information Science Schools in India to Information Literacy: An Analytical Study

Information in contemporary societies has attained importance and is regarded as an arsenal for overall progress and prosperity of the societies. However, there is too much information available to those who need and use information in different formats. People face different problems while searching a particular piece of information in the vast ocean of information. […]

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E-Learning: A Tool for Library and Information Services

E-Learning is re-emerging as a solution for delivering online, hybrid, and synchronous learning regardless of physical location, time of day, or choice of digital reception/distribution device. E-Learning implementation is an area in progress that continues to evolve with time and further research. Researchers in the field argue that e-Learning is still in its infancy, resulting […]

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