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A Study of Difficulties Faced During Information Search Pattern for E-Resources among Students of Management

In recent times, the Libraries are transforming from just storehouses of collection of documents to vibrant service centers containing E-resources; rapidly moving towards digital libraries, e-libraries and virtual libraries. Information available in digital form demands latest methods for its handling for both the library professionals as well as users. Hence, there is a steady need […]

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A Study of Information Need and Seeking Behavior of Science Students at Government Institutions in Rajasthan (India)

The study focuses on the information need and searching behavior of Post Graduate (P.G.) students and Research Scholars (Ph.D. students) of different departments covered under faculty of science at Govt. College Kota, one of the largest Government Academic Institute of Rajasthan. The data collected from a sample of 196 students adopting questionnaire as well as […]

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An Evaluation of User Satisfaction on Library Promotional and Staff Support Services at Sur University College, Sultanate of Oman.

This research has been conducted to identify the impact levels of the various staff support services and promotional activities of library on the user satisfaction. Primary data were collected from 640 library users and analyzed using different statistical measures such as central tendency, measures of deviation, simple and multiple linear regression analysis. A model of impact has been […]

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Library Collection, Facilities and Services of the Central University of Karnataka: A Survey

This study examines the use of collections, Facilities and services at Central University of Karnataka Library. A well-structured questionnaire was distributed among users during the academic session 2012 – 13. The questionnaires were checked and 335 questionnaires were found fit for analysis. The present study demonstrates and elaborates the various aspects of use of collections, […]

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