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Role of Mobile Technology and their Application in Library Services in Digital Era

This paper is focusing to the prospective of mobile devices in Library and Information centers. Implementation of mobile Technology has change the way of people to access and communicate information. Users want easy and instant access to relevant information, putting pressure on Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals to think out of the box for […]

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Performance Evaluation through Quality Index Model: A Case Study of an Institute Library

Library as a system, require measuring the performance at management level, financial level, infrastructure level, collection level and service level. Performance evaluation of libraries is necessary as it will help the library managers to identify key areas within the library which need urgent attention. The purpose of this paper is to identify the scope of […]

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Mapping of an Aptitude of Library Science students in Relation to Some Variables

This study was undertaken to measure/mapping an Aptitude of library science students of Library Science Department Gujarat State. A total of 184 responses were collected in this study. In this study, researcher intended to find out the effect of variables i.e. Gender, Social Group and Faculty on Aptitude Test Score (ATS) of library science students. Librarian Aptitude test is […]

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Response of Library and Information Science Schools in India to Information Literacy: An Analytical Study

Information in contemporary societies has attained importance and is regarded as an arsenal for overall progress and prosperity of the societies. However, there is too much information available to those who need and use information in different formats. People face different problems while searching a particular piece of information in the vast ocean of information. […]

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