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Use of Web 2.0 Tools among LIS Professionals for managing and sharing of Knowledge in Private Engineering College Libraries of Odisha

Web 2.0 tools have brought dynamic changes in the processes of knowledge management and sharing. These tools have intensively motivated the Library and Information Science (LIS) Professionals working in different libraries and information centers throughout the world. Now a day almost all LIS professionals are aware of these tools for blogging, content sharing and other activities like, online […]

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Library and Information Science Education in India: Perspectives and Challenges

The paper assesses the status of formal library and information science (LIS) education provided in India. It is based on a study carried out to bring out the perspective and the challenges in LIS education by analyzing the LIS courses, its structure and contents, availability of faculty, research contribution, infrastructural facilities, etc. A total of […]

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Review of International Librarianship Open-Access Journals Conformity with ISO Standards

This article is about the comparison of international librarianship open-access journals with ISO standards, a checklist consisting 109 informational items has been developed.108 journals published on the Directory of open access journals site have been studied. The data are as follows: ISO standards compliance in open- access journals is below 50% , standards compliance  with […]

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A Study on Library and Information Science Research: Purpose and Motivation Factors

The study investigates to find out the purpose and motivation factors for the LIS research. The data was collected from the Research Scholars who are presently engaged in the research. The questionnaire method was adopted to collect the data from the respondents. A total of 110 respondents have responded out of 130. It is found […]

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The Benefits of Social Networking Site (Facebook) in Making Awareness among the LIS Professionals Of Mlosc Group: A Case Study

Current research focuses on examining how much, why and how LIS Professionals use Face book, one of the most popular social networking site, and understanding its impact on education and social interaction. The aim of this study is to examine the purposes of Face book use in an LISC Professionals sample and explore time investment […]

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ICT Training for LIS Professionals Working in Engineering Institutions in Chennai: A Study

This paper examines the ICT training methods, level of training, and preferred time for the training. The study was carried out among LIS professionals in Engineering Institutions in and around Chennai. The questionnaire method was used to collect the data from LIS professionals working in the above educational institutions. It is found that majority of […]

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