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Resource Sharing and Networking in Agricultural College Libraries Under Jurisdiction of Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth: A Study

No library today can be expected to directly hold all of the resources to fulfill all the needs of its users. Rather, most libraries supplement their local collections through resource-sharing arrangements that allow them to offer their clientele access to a broader universe of materials. Libraries participate in local, regional, or global services for the […]

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Information Cooperation and User Service among Technical Institute Libraries, Reference to Ghaziabad Region

The development of libraries and information services in India is examined. There are some major issues which are related to library cooperation such as financial resources, adequacy of library col-lection, collection development practices, uniform standards of the technical processing of the library materials and experienced professional manpower. The analysis of these issues brought out factors […]

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Resource Sharing in Libraries: A Vital Role of Consortia

Resource sharing is nothing but sharing of library resources by certain participating libraries among themselves on the basis of the principle of co-operation. This is applicable in sharing of documents, manpower, services, space and equipments. This paper mainly highlights for  What is Resource Sharing?, Why Resource Sharing?, Ways, Means & Methods: Definition, Objectives,Needs,Areas for Co-Operation […]

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Research on Consortium and Library Network in India: A Study of Library and Information Science Doctoral Dissertations

A study of doctoral dissertations in Library and Information Science (LIS) field can provide valuable information about performance, structure and evolution of the field. Similarly, a study of doctoral dissertations on any segment of the LIS research such as consortium and library Networks highlights its growth and development over the period. We undertook an analysis […]

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Resource Sharing and Networking among Schools of Nursing Libraries: Innovations for Research and Improving Health Services in Nigeria

Schools of Nursing Libraries are faced with the need to provide services to an increasing number of student nurses, and to cope with huge rises in the cost of books and periodicals. Resource sharing and networking is becoming the common desire    and practice  of every library, it is paramount to note that schools of Nursing […]

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