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Mapping of Mathematical Science Research in China Productivity: A Scientometrics Study

This paper presents the relative growth rate and exponential growth rate of Mathematical Science research during the year 1999-2014. The web of science is one of the world’s leading citation databases in all the fields of Science Citation Expanded, Social Science Citation Expanded and Arts and Humanities Citation Expanded collection. This study measures the performance […]

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Applicability of Lotka’s Law and Authorship pattern in the field of Mathematical Science Research: A Scientometric Study

This paper depicts an authorship pattern of Indian research productivity in the web of science database during 1999-2014. The data downloaded from indexed SCI expanded in the web of Science database by the publisher of Thomson Reuters, and the software application is used for the analysis called Histcite software. It is also studied by applying […]

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Article-Level Metrics (ALMs) of “Nature” Journal

The main aim of scientific research is to systematically generate valid data which is measurable, reproducible, and testable, contributing to the existing knowledge about the subject. This paper explains the Altmetrics of Nature Journal that is a summation of the impact of all articles in a journal based on citations. Article-level metrics measured the impact […]

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Counting the Number of Highly Cited Papers

The aim of this study is to propose a simple method to count the number of highly cited papers. To illustrate the method, literature on the field of tribology covered in Science Citation Index Expanded of Web of Science published during 2001 – 2010 is used. As tribology is highly multidisciplinary in nature, which can […]

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Scientometric Analysis of Food and Nutrition Research in India and China: A Comparative Study

The present study mainly attempts to evaluate quantitatively the growth and development of food and nutrition research in India and china in terms of publication output as reflected from SCOPUS database. Out of 2478 records both the countries for the period of before 1982 – 2012. Food and nutrition research on India and China are […]

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Global Collaborative Patterns on Bioelectronics Research Output

The collaborative research or team research is predominant among science disciplines. The reason may be that the need for the culmination or fusion of subjects in one angle as well as the need for excellent research infrastructure. This has been proved by this study as most of the authors of different countries collaborated with US […]

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Publication Productivity and Impact of Research in University Environment: A Scientometric View

This research paper highlights the current state of scientific research in Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) for the period 1989-2014. The study gives an analysis of the volume, productivity and scientific impact of Gulbarga University research as per the records entered in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science publications and citation database (WoS) during the period […]

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