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Influence of Social Media on Library Service Delivery to Students in University Of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Nigeria

This article is on influence of social media on library service delivery to students in University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Nigeria. Librarians, in this digital age, are responsible for a wide variety of resources and services that expand far beyond the typical eight-hour work day. Promotion in library and information science has a newer […]

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Role of Mobile Technology and their Application in Library Services in Digital Era

This paper is focusing to the prospective of mobile devices in Library and Information centers. Implementation of mobile Technology has change the way of people to access and communicate information. Users want easy and instant access to relevant information, putting pressure on Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals to think out of the box for […]

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Status of Medical College and Research Hospital Library and Information Centers at Bangalore: A Study

Health Science libraries are prime reservoirs of health information, library plays a vital role to get necessary information for medical practitioners to update the medical knowledge. The purpose of the study is to investigate the status of 10 medical college and research hospital libraries at Bangalore. Study focus on the context of collection, physical infrastructure, […]

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An Emperical Study of Strategic Approach to Marketing and Promotion of Information Products and Services in Nigeria University Libraries

The purpose of this study is to investigate the strategic approach in marketing and promoting information products and services in Nigerian University libraries. The findings shows that majority of the university libraries used does not showcase their nonreference products and services .Some of these non-reference services are not readily available and where they are available they were underutilized. Whereas […]

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