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User Behavior and Awareness among the Different Public Libraries in Chennai District, Tamil Nadu: A Comparative Study

The study focused on comparative study of user behavior and awareness among the two different public libraries in Chennai district, Tamil Nadu. A total number of 130 users and two different public libraries are taken into account for the study through a questionnaire based survey method. A well structured questionnaire is designed and distributed to the selected 130 readers. […]

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Information Use Pattern of Connemara Public Library, Chennai, Tamil Nadu: A Case Study

Public libraries are responsible for accruing books and periodicals for its reading community. It is necessary to find out the users really except from the library. It is hoped that the findings of the study will certainly help to improve he functioning and services of the library. The study focused on Information use pattern of […]

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Use of Digital Resources by the Faculty Members of Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu, India: A Survey

Availability of digital resources in a library plays a vital role in facilitating access to required information to the user in an easy and efficient manner. Now-a-days the digital resources like online journals, e-books, CD-ROM databases and Internet are slowly replacing the usages of print media. This study seeks to examine the use of digital […]

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