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Perception and Attitudes of Teachers and Students towards Social Networking Sites: Case Study of NIT, Mizoram

This paper has aimed to explore the perception and attitudes towards social networking sites by students and teachers in Indian National Institutes of Technology (NIT), Mizoram. A structured questionnaire was designed and distributed to 25 teachers and 170 students. The result of the present study provides information about awareness, perception, time span of use, most […]

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Utilizing Blogs within Library and Information Science Curriculum: A Case Study of the Department of Information Studies, Oman

Various online tools including social media tools have helped academics in improving their teaching in an interdisciplinary environment increasing engagement of students as active learners. The actual use and impact of these tools such as blogs within LIS curriculum is not yet fully understood. The aims of this paper are to explore the actual use […]

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Web 2.0: New Technology to Serve Better Library Services

Web 2.0 technologies encourage new means of sharing information, cooperation and communication among people. By applying Web 2.0 technologies in libraries the whole scenario of libraries has changed, they provide information accessible to the users whenever they want, and to ensure that all the obstacles in getting information are removed. Web 2.0 is a variety […]

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Applications of Web 2.0 tools in IIT Libraries in India: a Study

Web 2.0 is a second generation website that deals with the ability, of people being able to exchange information online. Web 2.0 based technologies have provided more opportunities and opened up new ways of communicating and collaborating. The transition to Web 2.0 is based on ‘interactive’ use of web. Users can carry on interaction with […]

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Application of Social Networking Services (SNS) for Library Collaboration: An Exploratory Study

By rapid development of the information and communication technology, the web-based services in particularly social networking services are lets the user interact and work collaboratively. The aim of this paper is to describe an exploratory study to examine academic librarians’ perspectives on using social networking services for library collaboration. The researcher used semi-structured interview guide […]

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The Impact of Twitter on Saudi Banking Sectors in the Presence Of Social Media: An Evaluative Study

This study aims to analyze the messages of Twitter in the Saudi banking sectors. The strong correlation between Twitter messages and widespread updated information leads us to believe that Twitter data can be a useful resource for promotion, conversation and spreading news among banks’ potential clients and these data can be used to promote business. […]

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