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Use of Web 2.0 Tools among LIS Professionals for managing and sharing of Knowledge in Private Engineering College Libraries of Odisha

Web 2.0 tools have brought dynamic changes in the processes of knowledge management and sharing. These tools have intensively motivated the Library and Information Science (LIS)
Professionals working in different libraries and information centers throughout the world. Now a day almost all LIS professionals are aware of these tools for blogging, content sharing and other activities like, online discussions and etc. The present study is an assessment of LIS professionals’ awareness and use of Web 2.0 tools in different private engineering college libraries of Odisha. The investigators have used five point Likert scale to measure the intensity of data. Study reveals that Social Networking Sites (SNS), Instant Messaging, blogs are the most popular tools used by the LIS professionals. The co-relation between female and male professionals in perceptions to Web 2.0 tools found no significance difference. Again it is observed that lack of IT infrastructures, internet connectivity and lack of time are the main constraint for effective sharing of knowledge in private engineering college libraries.

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